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Sword Swallowing Goes Mobile with the iSword

August 5, 2011

Ever wanted to attempt one of the amazing feats of strength you can catch a glimpse of during one of the live free sideshow performances under the marquee at Ripley’s BION Times Square? Perhaps sword swallowing has always been an aspiration you were too afraid to try? Thanks to Ripley’s new iSword game for your iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone you can put your sword swallowing skills to the test without fear of bodily harm or dismemberment. Check it out here.

The iSword is more than just a game you can challenge your friends to. If you’re brave enough to play and you get a really high score you can unlock the iSword. With the iSword unlocked you can scare your friends and family to make it appear as if you’re actually swallowing a sword with help from your device’s camera. Also included in the app is information about sword swallowers and their stories, listings on all 31 Ripley’s Odditorium across the country and internationally, as well as a sneak peak at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Strikingly True annual publication. And if those extras haven’t landed in you the app store yet, just wait until you try putting the game down. It’s addictive. Really. I still have the highest score in our office competition, but the growing pile of papers on my desk might mean its time to take a break from sword swallowing and get back to real work…after just one more round.

Sword swallowers perform outside of Ripley's NYC

Why a sword swallowing app? Well, sword swallowing is literally a pastime here at Ripley’s, and at Ripley’s New York we even celebrate the annual World Sword Swallowers Day by inviting some of the most talented sword swallowers in the world to perform their daring ability right in the heart of Times Square. Sword swallowing just seemed like the most natural way to get out fans involved in the wild and weird world of Ripley’s on their mobile devices. And it certainly wont be the only way you will be able to try your hand at some of the amazing feats showcased by Ripley performers – be on the lookout for two more apps from Ripley’s coming this year.

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