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Use Your Keyboard Lock!

May 30, 2011

It’s really a simple concept. But Believe it or Not!, people still don’t use their keyboard locks on their cell phones which can lead to serial pocket dialing. Usually nothing more than a nuisance, as one man learned in Bangor, Maine, the result can be a loss of freedom.

As a man in Maine can attest, of all the features on a smartphone, your keyboard lock may be the most important!

Intrigued? Well, at Ripley’s Times Square, we are amazed. According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, a man was arrested after repeatedly pocket dialing 911 while using a backpack leaf blower.  While most of us have either been the sender or recipient of a pocket dial, I’m guessing that the typical offender isn’t usually, well, a public offender.  In this case, the man had two active warrants for failure to pay fines.

As we all know today, phones are more than just a means to make a phone call.  For better or worse, they are also a GPS tracking device and police used this to their advantage when Mr. James Green began his unintentional (or perhaps it was a cry for help) emergency calls.  Because of the repeated calls, police tracked the location of where they were coming from and upon arrival, determined Mr. Green’s deadbeat fine responsibilities.

As someone with a 17-month old daughter, the keyboard lock is an essential tool.  Because my phone is more fun than the hundreds of toys designed by toy experts, the lock function on my Blackberry has prevented all of my settings from being reset, to minutes being saved due to unintentional calls.  Little did I know that it served an additional function of keeping a low profile and out of the spotlight.

When you think about this story, it truly is straight out of the annals of Ripley’s Believe it or Not!  There you are, on what was probably a beautiful spring day in Maine, doing a little yardwork when the police arrive.  At first, Maine’s finest were concerned about your well-being – after all, there were repeated calls to 911.  After clearing up that the calls were not needed, and a little conversation with the cops, you are now busted.  Pretty unbelievable if you ask me.

Note to self – make sure keyboard lock is on at all times.

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