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Dare to Dream

March 15, 2010

Setting realistic but challenging goals is a valuable tool for anyone to guide them through life.  Whether professional or personal, setting high standards and then working to achieve them provides a roadmap to success.  However, one might question whether the recently stated vision of New Jersey’s Donna Simpson fits into this mold.  What is Ms. Simpson’s goal?  To become the world’s fattest woman.

Simpson, who already tips the scales at over 600 pounds, is poised to make a run at the 1,000 pound benchmark.  Already on record as the world’s fattest mother after having a baby in 2007, Simpson will need to consume 12,000 calories per day to reach her goal – the maximum recommended daily intake for women is 2,000 calories.

Donna Simpson of New Jersey is only two-thirds of the way to her goal of reaching 1,000 pounds.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! has long conveyed the message that everyone is special, no matter how different they are.  In fact, here at Ripley’s Times Square, we have on display a figure of Walter Hudson, the world’s fattest man who tipped the scales at over 1,400 pounds.  Acceptance and tolerance is a key message from the Ripley’s experience and is a great message for young and old alike.

What isn’t however, is the idea of someone intentionally putting themselves in harm’s way.  Perhaps this posting is contributing to Ms. Simpson’s goal of garnering attention, but the concern is for the women’s health as well as the future of her child, who deserves to have a mother around for her youth.  In order to help her reach her goal, Simpson has stated that she moves as little as possible to avoid burning calories.  And she said that while she would love to reach 1,000 pounds, chasing her daugher will make it difficult.  Not an ideal environment for the development of a child.

With a grocery bill of over $800 per week and looming, inevitable health issues, one can only hope that Ms. Simpson’s conscious decision to undergo this odd journey is worth it in the end.

(Opinions in this blog are not those of Ripley’s Entertainment and Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Times Square, and are solely those of the author).

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